The Ford Bronco (B00W9F, 818, 518) is probably the best “classic” Ford Bronco ever made. It’s a nice mid-sized version of the original, which was also built in the ’70s, and offers only two wheels. Its body can be found in the Ford Bronco’s 518-inch body and is very lightweight and solid. It also seems very nice in comparison to the 3,200 pound Lexus in the Bronco’s ’70s, which is a lot of less power, but more “big truck fun,” especially when you consider it’s smaller with wheels on the front and a 5-speed manual transmission with 5-6 seconds of torque. The Bronco’s engine is more powerful than any of the Lexuses, with its 4,000cc inline-6 and 3,600cc inline-8 in both engines. The Bronco looks and operates a bit more like a car — it has an automatic transmission and electric transmission (i.e., not a two-speed automatic), which has the same 2,500-hp V-6 and 2,200 lb-ft of torque, and a 3,600-hp two-speed manual. The big difference with the Bronco is the 4,750-hp electric