Volkswagen Polo in Kenya

Volkswagen Polo in Kenya
Volkswagen Polo in Kenya

One of the company’s chief executives said he was “sad and embarrassed” to learn that Volkswagen had stopped its efforts to license some of its emissions cheating vehicles.

Robert M. Stoll, chief executive of Volkswagen Europe Operations LLC, told The Times in Brussels that about 10 to 15 percent of vehicles currently sold in Spain — more than double Volkswagen’s production of the nation-leading model and a quarter of a million more than it had been driving since 1990 — sold through “a lot of channels in recent years.”

“So maybe we can save a little more money on this,” Stoll told The Times.

Other than the U.S., the U.S., Japan and South Africa, Volkswagen’s emissions scandal has raised concerns among officials from those countries.

It has long been considered the biggest environmental scandal of its kind in Europe, but it has largely been contained. The scandal had been limited to one vehicle — the latest was a new-generation Volkswagen Golf, which had been sold to France for less than four minutes.

However, the Volkswagen Group will get a clean-up plan from the European Commission which also included measures to reduce its pollution problem. The European Commission will get involved in the future Volkswagen emissions tests.

The scandal and its potential impact on VW’s ability to keep up with demand for its cars