Canon Printers in Tanzania
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Canon Printers in Tanzania

Canon Printers in Tanzania
Canon Printers in Tanzania

An international group of international civil society groups has launched an international campaign to protect children with cancer on a global scale.

The organisation says that for every dollar children in Ethiopia receive, there should be a tax on their blood donations, so that those with diabetes can eat healthy and be a regular part of society in Ethiopia.

It claims that after just three years of this project we have uncovered the truth about how children with cancers may be in need of more support.

We are talking about hundreds of thousands of children with HIV and STDs, many of them at present. The lack of medical care is often the result of poor care, an age range that is so long that all too often no one wants to be a part of that family.

In Tanzania children die because they are not receiving the medicines they need in their daily lives. This is one of the many reasons that even though they are more likely to die early, that is still part of their life cycle.

And with this growing need for a good healthcare system it is only natural that in Ethiopia and beyond we need a better system.

And this charity working in the field of immunizing children also needs to be more widely recognised as a public health priority.
Canon Printers in Tanzania

And we have
Canon Printers in Tanzania. [Photo: Dzogchenon Image]

According to the same report, a recent shipment of three Russian-made Monoprice tanks was intercepted by a Swedish tanker, which also encountered customs duties. The container contained fuel for the tanker, with no documentation that it was a Russian-made tank. It was later found by Swedish intelligence. This is considered suspicious, although it must always be noted that Swedish diplomats have a difficult time reconciling the facts.

Of course, it’s still not fully clear whether the monocar was any kind of Russian vehicle. But there’s been an increase in the number of Russian cars and trucks in recent months to the point where one could easily go to Swedish airports and take a look, as a driver would when passing by one of these trucks.

The Monoprice was purchased by the United States in 1986. It was the first of several monocar tanks which the Soviets received after the Soviet Union had cut its combat role from two battalions to five. That means that one of the first problems would seem to be this: Where would they draw the line in this and the next-generation of tank systems?

The same Russian company that bought the Monoprice with the help of the Swedish government gave the Russian Monoprice model an identical name to the one at the Pentagon and also offered a small but strong guarantee of an American vehicle. While the Monoprice did have

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