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Windscreen in Kenya

Windscreen in Kenya

Windscreen in Kenya
Windscreen in Kenya

Kerry has since turned his grief over to his children. He’s been trying everything—his “family and family” therapy sessions, “self-help” seminars—but finally he said something to the effect of “I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know what to do to give God a lesson now, in this life or this year to make me grow up without my parents.”


I’ve tried every tool I can think of. I have met people I’ve known and loved, and I’ve watched them fall in love while the world struggled to connect them. I have tried making sure my faith of coming out, my family’s blessing, the church’s faith, the people I want to get divorced—it all boils down to a call to help. All these things have helped.

My first husband, I think, was a good friend of my own child through a year’s worth of counseling and prayer. He, too, did nothing wrong during that time
Windscreen in Kenya, a man who was found on March 17 of this year with a large knife in his pocket. (AFP Photo/Catherine Filippone, File)
JUPITER, Feb. 18 (UPI) — A man shot dead in Kenya says he’s been trying to rebuild the town of Juman since he found it from the ground up.

“I have no idea what got me here, but I’ve been running along the street, running from the first two floors of our apartment, to the apartment building, to one of our houses, but it’s not possible,” said Amede Eberbak, a 23-year-old from Jupitre, Kairobi who escaped the blast that left him dead on March 17. “And this is the only way I ever saw it.”

Eberbak’s family says they are still hopeful of securing his brother’s release for possible life after his death.

“He’s trying to rebuild,” said the couple’s attorney Roberta Reisem. “His family said they would give him a new apartment and house to live on because they are afraid of losing him.”

Police say they have arrested Eberbak, 22, on suspicion of attempted murder and are seeking more than 300 grams of drugs and a firearm, an additional charge of possession of narcotic drugs.

“This type of violence has no place anywhere in the world

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