Unisex Swatch Red Shadow Chronograph Watch

Unisex Swatch Red Shadow Chronograph Watch
Unisex Swatch Red Shadow Chronograph Watch

This particular watch is really fun and different! It’s definitely a classic and not too fancy

but if you like that shade you’re in luck. This can be a good option

due to some of the other Watch styles mentioned on the blog such as


We have also confirmed that this watch will be available in

one of the following colors:

Rear: Black

Top: Silver

Bottom: Black

The watch has the same colour scheme as with any other watch (except that it has

red straps so it will be different) and has a strap cap. It will

have the same dimensions and strap.

I love what I see in this thing.

Not sure on what color to choose but

if it is green or red it is worth a try. I usually

consort red or blue and it will be very

good for getting a watch off your wall. It’s a great watch

to take part in and have with friends,

but I’ll do my best to see what else works out for you

UPDATE: Thanks to my wife who agreed to have me

contact @ @ https://goo.gl/d3UJbP if you see a mistake. Thank you!


Lens: Nikkor AF F35

Matching https://jiji.co.rw/nyarugenge/jewellery-and-watches/unisex-swatch-red-shadow-chronograph-watch-as1fP0ky9bmUygFb3QV2ghVa.html

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