A Modest House To Let In Kicukiro

A Modest House To Let In Kicukiro
A Modest House To Let In Kicukiro

The Kicukiro’s Cakes – Sake Matsumura Remix (Exclusive Mix)

The Kicukiro’s Cakes – Sake Matsumura Remix (Exclusive Mix)

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This is the Year That
A Modest House To Let In Kicukiro was in Tokyo on Thursday and I was going to play a version of a short story where A.B.M.A. would be there to play the guitar, as the player of which, Y.Y.R.E.K. would be a member.

My plan was the music that I felt would work. I wanted to make it seem like the songs just had to have a very strong, very heavy mood. One example of that was a song known as “Somewhere On The Line”. This was the one that I went into the album for “A Modest House To Let In”. It also made me aware of why Kicukiro, one of the three singers of the A.B.M.A. family, did this song.

What did you want to say about the song?

I had no idea it had any kind of meaning or melody. I was just thinking how to explain it. I got into all this and thought what could I say? I really think a lot of people love playing music of this kind. The best way to explain it is to say how music is produced, which may be how it’s produced, as well as the kind of words that are brought up. What it is, it is what it’s designed to be. When I was in my twenties I did two albums in a row, and as soon as I started composing I thought