Tecno Phantom 6 in Uganda

Tecno Phantom 6 in Uganda
Tecno Phantom 6 in Uganda

It was the first time Zimbabweans gave away more than 50 kilograms of heroin, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said Sunday.

The shipment was seized following a raid at an office in central Johannesburg, South Africa, where the shipment originated, the DEA said in a statement.

According to the agency, a group of heroin traffickers was caught with the shipments and “appeared to be engaged in drug cultivation, distribution, drug trafficking and the smuggling of heroin that originated in the United States with the goal of selling it in the community.”

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Zimbabwe’s former leader, Robert Mugabe, was elected president in December by a popular popular uprising and, as president, promised to crack down on drugs.

Zimbabwe’s deputy foreign minister said the heroin that was being transported to South Africa came from Africa, while Mugabe said it was being distributed from Zimbabwe.
Tecno Phantom 6 in Uganda, an official at the United Nations Development Institute told Reuters.

The report was made possible with donations from the international community.

The U.N. said it is working to ensure that Uganda keeps developing its weapons technology to help meet UN demands for food, medicine, the environment and other aid.
Tecno Phantom 6 in Uganda

Yousufu, 33, is one such worker. She was not identified because of the sensitivity of his disappearance.

“I wanted it on my conscience and in my head so I am helping others,” she told Reuters.

A number of other women workers have been missing since 2009, with no sign of them ever reaching their families.