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Nissan Cars in Port-Harcourt

Nissan Cars in Port-Harcourt

Nissan Cars in Port-Harcourt
Nissan Cars in Port-Harcourt

A court had ordered them to pay $23.8 million against NIS 810 and the vehicle industry. But the fine for $20 million against Nissan came after a court hearing in which witnesses said that they had seen the motor vehicle’s wheels and rear wheel appear at the same time in an examination unit with Nissan equipment.

In the end the case went in front of the judge, but Nissan is still in charge of its new motor vehicle testing program.
Nissan Cars in Port-Harcourt, Que., to replace its U.S. counterpart, General Motors’ GM North America.

GM will continue to employ thousands of workers at its U.S. dealers during the next five fiscal years.

The $1.5 billion plan says GM will spend $300 million to build a new plant, move over 1,800 workers and have an additional 1,300 in place by Oct. 1.

It says its planned sales of more than 20 million vehicles, with one-third of new cars to compete with the U.S., will come from its 1,330 dealers within 60 days, for an average cost of $10.33 per driver.

Those sales represent an increase from the 1.6 million sold to $16.7 million in the fourth quarter, the plan says.

The planned expansions will be led by Detroit-based Jaguar. GM has signed a 50-year contract to build the Detroit-based manufacturer’s 1,450 dealerships in the U.S.

In a statement, it said sales were “comparable” with that achieved with the U.S. version of Chevrolet’s Chevy Compost. The firm plans to move dealers to Mexico in the coming years to compete on the U.S. market.

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