Children’s Shoes in Kubwa

Children’s Shoes in Kubwa
Children's Shoes in Kubwa

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Children’s Shoes in Kubwa

This was certainly a fun one, and I’m sure many are. But there was something a touch unfulfilling about my lack of time and patience.

But, here’s the kicker: they still played football before going to school.

How do kids who are growing up in the past decade learn that?

A lot of them.

Here’s the full study, just in case a few of you missed it. No, it wasn’t a good game for many of its participants.

(Some of the kids at the study, however, did learn more about this subject.)

There’s less time given to them.

Some might think it’s possible to teach them better discipline than they might teach themselves. But in any event, when it comes to teaching to a few kids it’s hard to put words in words.

I think my parents were wrong.

At just over 10 years of age, I didn’t teach my kids to sit on a chair for too long.

I didn’t teach anything about the fundamentals. I didn’t teach them the rules or even the way to do things.